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The New Story!

Starting a new project,
rebuilding my Opel Ascona A.

The recipe is supposed to be:
Opel c20let engine.
BMW ZF 5-vxl box.
Volvo 240 rear axle.
Opel Omega Brakes.

Part 1

The garage is ready for the Ascona

I have made room for the Ascona in the garage. When I get time. I'll start modify my Calibra that's furthest into the garage.

Then it was time for a visit to the garage

The car has been standing for a while, but it was only to charge the battery then it fired up.

The first step is to clear the body

I started by throwing out all the interior, chairs, rear seats, etc.
The next step is to change the rear axle, with a angle and weld.


Luckily, I knew someone who was interested in interior, it´s nice to avoid throwing parts that are in good condition.

Part 2

Rear axle

I start by disassembling the rear axle, this to make room for a stronger rear axle.

Rear towers

I cut out to make new towers for the coilovers for the new rear axle.

Part 3

240 Rear axle

Volvo 240 rear axle are mounted and some panels. Even the rear part of the cage are mounted.

Engine in

I started to mount the engine with original oil pan.

Hood on

Even with the original oil pan, i managed to get all under the hood.

Part 4

New Oil Pan

Finally found a SBD "Big Wing" oil pan. 

New intercooler

A new intercooler from that fits perfectly.
Total size 635x355x102 mm
Cell size 455x300x102 mm

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