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A perfect area for my hardware / software interest is within home automation. Being able to control lighting, monitoring, heating, etc. directly from the mobile phone is very satisfying.

But when you get to the stage where you create rules within the system, you almost get nirvana when the functions are controlled automatically.


Being able to modify hardware and software to boost performance is something I got stuck in before I started with reviews.

It's largely about cooling, ranging from powerful fans and water cooling to dry ice and liquid nitrogen.

Read more about my overclocking adventure.


Since my interest in computers and encoding has brought me a bit against coding of websites, it has become like helping a couple of friends with their websites.

A selection of the websites I made, more will come.


Between 2009 and 2012 I did a few reviews for Mostly, it was graphics cards but also motherboards and processors were tested. Unfortunately, it got a strange end, among other things, the owner changed.

Here you will find the reviews made by me.

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