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The Neverending Story!

I bought the car 2001, a Opel Calibra Turbo -93 sold in Sweden previously owned by Fredrik Lundkvist (frequent visitor of the strip with his Ford escort cossie).

When I bought it, it was equipped with 17 "Antera rims, a DTM skirt package, wing, enemchip and the right soundproofing.

2003 it was time to start modifying the car, outside the 19 "Ace rims with 225 or, vectra handles without cylinders, saw a hole in the hood to get warm and mounted SAAB 9-5 Aero 308mm brakes.

2004-2005, the ACE Tyson Black 19 "rims, fiberglass hood, side pipes emerged after the driver's door and the turbo switched to a KKK-24 from the Volvo S60R.

Time fore RWD

2010-2011 it was time to start modifying. I had decided to rebuild the car, from 4x4 to rwd. Thus, switch from four-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive.

I started clearing the entire body on just everything, cutting up the torpedo wall for longitudinal mounting of the engine and gearbox. I sketched a cage that was then manufactured and welded.


Recipe on the engine:
z20let oil pump with modified suction.
forged h-profilerods. 
Wössner 86.5mm pistons.
Cometic metal packing.
ARP to tissue, single and top.
Polished and balanced "lightweight" xe weave.
Extra cooling channels drilled in blocks and tops.
Adjustable cam drives and c20xe DIS exhaust comb.
Stainless Mitsubishi EVO manifold.
ATP turbo for Mitsubishi EVO, Garret GT3071r.
New bearings, gaskets, pulleys and water pump.

More parts

More parts were purchased / built, water cooler, intercooler, dump valves, intake, clutch, steering system, bushings, coilovers, pedal rack, instrumentation, damper housing, spreader, fuel pressure regulator, zf gearbox, electric steering servo

Drive shafts

The front axles were divided, only the outer parts were saved to hold the bearings. Later, I turned down these for weight loss. The rear trolley was a bit more pill with, decided for an Omega 3000 diff when it fits the original tramway bridge.

But the drive axes of that lump are for the larger outer runners, and on the calibran they are less. The larger ones from omega 3000 m.m do not fit in the calibran hub either. The solution is to take the Omega 2.4 fitters, they fit into the hub of the calibran and at the same time they fit the larger drive axles. Note I removed about 5mm on the Omega 2.4 carriers so that the drive axles would go freely throughout the suspension path.

Assemble the parts

When the front and rear trolleys were ready and the coil was mounted, I began to think about the location of the engine, using a blank block while the newly built engine stood o shining in the garage.

When the engine and the box had come to the right place, I started installing chairs, pedal stands, etc.

Then it was time to assemble the newly built engine in the body.

Time to mount fuel and electrical system

When I got the newly built engine in the car, I took the car from my job, where it had been a while. At home, the building continued to build a fully-fledged tunnel, make the new power system (after removing all cables throughout the car), plug in the steering system, make new fuel systems, install coolers, intercoolers, pressure pipes and more.

It´s alive!

Firts start.

Problem with the clutch

After a lot of trouble with the triple-plate clutch, I decided to use a regular clutch. It became a 618 pressure plate and a zinter lamella, after switching, it worked smoothly. The exhaust system was built with a side pipe. A set of 18 "wheels was assembled while the interior was kept spartan.

Time fore some color

I wanted the whole car in black and chose to spray the car myself with plasti-dip, it is a type of plastic paint. This allows the spray to be sprayed with a standard paintgun. If you get tired of the color, it will go away, just like a vinyl.

Further developing

The need to modify the car does not decrease.
I came across a pair of AP Racing brakes, with 330mm discs.
At the same time, there was another frontspoiler and I mounted a dashboard for a little more comfort in the car.

The car is beeing used

Bilsport carshow in Tranås

Bilsport in Tranås

The newspaper Bilsport made a report on the cars in Tranås. The reporter wanted to take more pictures of the car, so we decided to meet after the car show.

Some smoke at Schenker

The reporter asked if I could a burnout after I had answered his questions about the car

The car was in the newspaper

There were at least two pictures in the newspaper.

Time to measure the power

I booked Overtake in Jönköping for measureing the power. Unfortunately, the wastegate locked in semi-open position due to heat, resulting in only 1.7bar charge pressure being achieved.
The result was 450hp on the hubs / wheels.

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