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car related projects

Aftermarket control systems / tuning cars

Combine car interest with the interest in hardware and software.

Since that day I mounted a Nira I3 + in my Opel Calibra, I have been sucking information about it and other systems for cars. Being able to adjust the engine's functions through the computer is, in my view, absolutely wonderful. Sure, sometimes it's frustrating when it does not work as you imagined. But the benefits are considering the disadvantages every day of the week.


Opel Mokka

The car was bought new in March 2013. It did not take long before it started to clench your fingers and the modification was a fact.

Track calibra

A project I did to some friends. Convert to rear-wheel drive and in with a Saab turbo engine.

Second calibra

A small page project I welded in a cage and registered

Third calibra

I bought Maxxtuning's old rear-wheel drive Calibra, mostly for rear axle and cardan. But I ended up moving over my engine and gearbox.

Nissan S14

A friends car, a Nissan S14 with BMW M50 engine. Turbo, E85 and a MaxxECU Race control system.

Supra MK3

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